Planning on an Irish trip? Get a PCR test first.

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The Irish broadcaster, RTE, is reporting that the Republic of Ireland has decided that, as from Saturday (9th January), you will need a negative PCR test before you will be allowed entry into the Republic if you come from the UK or South Africa.

By ferry or plane a negative PCR test for travel to Ireland will be required

In addition, travellers will still be required to self-isolate for fourteen days.

The reason for the restrictions is to try and stem a growth in the pandemic from the two new strains that were identified last month and which spread the contagion much faster than the original strain.

The test should have been taken in the seventy-two hours before arrival.

At present British residents are banned from visiting Ireland under Irish government rules. Welsh government rules advise against international travel and the Westminster rules also advise against international travel.

There is no word about how this affect cross-border traffic from Northern Ireland to the Republic and vice-versa. Will it also apply to Irish residents returning to the Republic?

Until vaccination uptake is widespread in countries it looks as though PCR testing is going to be the litmus test of whether you can travel or not.

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