Happy New Year

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Without venturing into the discussion as to whether 2021 marks the first year of a new decade or not, may all of us here at Just about Travel wish all our readers and correspondents across the world a happy, peaceful and successful new year.

To herald in the new year, the big firwork display took place in Sydney but roads were closed as was the Harbour Bridge and entry into the city was limited to those with authorisation. Most peopl had to make do with watching it on television.

The celebrations in New York and London were also cancelled.

Edinburgh had no hogmany as they know it but one innovatuion showed that the city was not going to let ina new year without some celebration. Anyone watching the drone display would have been fascinated.

El Jem in Tunisia

But there is hope for the new year and it will hopefully be as different from 2020 as 2019 was from 2020.

Tunisia has a slogan – Free to Live it All – which seems a very appropriate slogan for world wide travel.

We would all like to be free from coronavirus so that we can live a normal life again and that means having the freedom to travel and to take a holiday.

For Britons, 2021 also means some altered travel patterns in the EU. Only as the year wears on will we find out how cumbersome those patterns may or may not be.

Wherever you travel in 2021, may it be as enjoyable as possible, as different from 2020 as possible and above all, a safer one for everyone.

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