Some travel tips for 2021 – part two

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Just about Travel continues its look at what is being tipped for the coming year.

Panama – there are continuing efforts to develop sustainable tourism which is a feature has spotted amongst its clients

The online travel agency, claims to have identified seven new trends amongst holiday takers which it thinks will define the traveller next year. The first is a group it describes as people who stick to tradition, despite the pandemic.

The second group is those that have expanded into becoming last minute books ie in the seven days before travelling and it thinks that the number of people who will do this will rise due to uncertainty about travel. Green and sustainable travel has been one of the biggest trends of the last decade and thinks this trend will continue and thus is their third group.

Staycationers will remain one of the identifiable groups in 2021. The company says that it saw a decrease in staycations of 3% compared to 2019 but given that the amount of international travel dropped by a stone, that domestic holidays saw such a fall even given all the lockdowns suggests that it will still be significant in 2021.

With social distancing came a desire for holidays where walking, rambling, trekking and breaks involving enjoying the landscape as well as remoteness was one of the holiday attractions of 2020. The company expects this “back to nature” theme to continue in 2021.

Linked to remote holidays was the trend for slower travel. No helter-skelter with a few days here and a rush to do something for the sixth trend that identified.  Greater concentration on enjoying what they came to see  rather than joining a tour, the “If its Tuesday this must be Belgium”  syndrome appeal here.

The final group the company identified was an appeal for culture. You might this incompatible with a desire to avoid crowds but cities, museums and galleries, historic houses and heritage sites managed to achieve this with careful planning and advanced booking. It actually meant that people could see more than they would have done in the old days when you snaked in a line around key items.

The conclusion would seem to be that the people identified by are not going to head for crowded places, tours or anything where too many people congregate.

But as usual the company is looking at its own customer base rather than the whole holiday market. Those tour operators and booking organisations offering tours and busy destination holidays might have spotted something else.

Like, Topdeck – the group travel provider for 18-30 year olds has been examining the attitudes of its millenial and Gen Z audience towards travel next year.  

Topdeck says that 93% of young adults polled said that the pandemic and lockdowns increased the desire among them to travel more than they did before the pandemic.  The company also expects  Gen Z and millennial travellers to plan more lengthy trips post-pandemic with 75% stating that they would be looking to take longer trips abroad once travel reopens.  

Of the respondents, 81% said that they want to travel further afield in 2021 all of which suggests that these groups are ready to bounce back and want to seek out new adventures. Just under 40%  will be looking to travel as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.

Japan is one of the countries identified by Topdeck as a destination for its clients. This, of course, is Mt Fuji

But where to go? 

Although classic European stops such as Greece and Italy remain popular, far-flung destinations such as Japan, Canada, Africa, New Zealand and the USA were ranked highly.

A majority of Topdeck’s customers cited the mix of skiing and cultural experiences that Japan has to offer as a prime reason for wanting to visit that destination in 2021. Destinations such as Canada, Africa and New Zealand also offer a combination of outdoor excursions and explorative activities.

(continues tomorrow)

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