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Can you holiday in Tenerife over Christmas? Or in January for that matter?

Check to see if your travel insurance is valid for a visit to travel to Tenerife

The reason the query arises at all is because of an announcement by the government of the Canaries that sowed some doubts in people’s minds. The government had announced new measures to restrict mobility on Tenerife decreed by the Canary Islands Government which would apply between December 18th and January 2nd

To clarify, international tourists are considered exceptions to the travel restrictions announced provided that they arrive having had a negative PCR test which was performed no earlier than 72 hours before arrival. You need to carry proof with you that you have had such a test.

After entering Tenerife you may be requested, at any time, to show the results of your test. The supporting document must be the original, needs to be in Spanish and / or English and may be submitted in either paper or digital format. The document will need to contain, at the very least, the following information: your name, passport number, date of the test, name and contact details of the place the test was carried out, technique used and confirm that you had a negative test result.

Earlier it was thought that an antigen test would be sufficient but that is definitely not the case. It needs to be a PCR test.

Just because Tenerife has clarified rules it doesn’t nrecessarily mean that there still son’t be hurdles for the traveller. Check with your devolved government as to what their views are on travel so that you don’t end up with invalid travel insurance if your government advises against travel. Or wants a quarantine period on your return.

Of course, visitors must obey any rules that have been introduced locally to control the spread of coronavirus as well.

For full details of the requirements, what testing is permissible and other health questions you should either click here or go to https://www.spth.gob.es/ where there is an English language page.

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