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A while ago, Just about Travel, complained that the EU was meant to represent its members as a whole, to take a lead and co-ordinate activities.

the harbour at Mandraki
Mandraki harbour in Rhodes. Greece has been pushing for joint EU acceptance of testing

In travel, we said, it had done little for month after month during the pandemic.

The head of the ETC, (European Tourism Commission) Eduardo Santander, referred in a similar vein this week. He suggested that destinations wherever they might be around the world and not just in the EU had reacted to the pandemic with shock at first. The next move by countries was to protect its own tourism businesses rather than to join together and protect the EU’s as a whole. That was linked to protecting its own citizens from the pandemic rages.

Only much later into the pandemic did it start trying to coordinate things.

Santander didn’t offer an explanation as to why the EU took so long, merely noting that the reaction by nations was “understandable.”

Will matters improve and will destinations defer to the EU in future or will each nation continue to follow its own path?

At present some countries have lockdowns, some have curfews. Most have restrictions that end or are reviewed at different times. Under this mentality it seems hard to see whether a co-ordinated approach will work.

Not that Britons should throw bricks.

The four home nations discussed (some would say argued) for weeks about what to do about Christmas. The medical boffins seem to have different approaches and the politicians certainly have.

Just trying to work out what the restrictions are about travelling from one nation to another and that what the tiers and levels mean is bad enough.

Perhaps that is why so many people thought that the EU would perform better than nations outside the EU. But if even the ETC has noted the disunity, will anything change.

In the month since the EU announced a pan EU approach, what has happened? More talk, some support and nothing like agreed action from all members.

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