It’s to improve boarding and punctuality.

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Update: Jet2 announced this morning that it would continue to allow passengers to take two small of items of hand baggage free, one not to weigh more than 10kg and no larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm and the other to be a small item that must fit under their seat.

In the light of this, who would you prefer to fly with?

For years there have been jokes that low cost airlines will consider almost anything as a way of relieving passengers of as much cash as they can. This enables fares to look cheaper than they really are and all the extra charges we pay are grouped together as ancillary revenue.

easyJet has decided to get its hands into our wallets again

In 2019, easyJet made £1.376 billion from ancillary revenue. Even in the year ending September 2020, it made £706 million. Ryanair earned over €2.9 billion from ancillary sales in the year until the end of March 2020 or nearly 34.5% of all its revenue.

But, of course, this year has been different and airlines are poverty-stricken. They want handouts from us as well as governments and shareholders

Paying for aisle seats, exit row seats, quick boarding, food, drink and baggage are just some of the ways that airlines get us for more money whilst being able to claim that their base ticket price remains low. Do you remember when Michael O’Leary of Ryanair half in jest suggested passenger pay to use the toilets? If some airlines could charge for the air we breathe they would.

Transparency isn’t what many airlines are about these days.

easyJet has now decided to take more of our money.

From February 2021 the size of the cabin bag that you can take on board without incurring a charge will be 45x36x20 cm down from the current limit of 56x45x25. This has to fit under the seat in front of you. If it can’t, you are charged from £7.50 upwards.

All those hand-luggage cases you bought that were certified as being available to take and fit in the overhead lockers will still do that but you’ll now have to pay.

 The airline says in its press release that the reason for the charge is “Our new policy will improve boarding and punctuality for everyone, as well as give our customers certainty of what they will have with them onboard. “

Now you know.

It isn’t to raise more money it is to make life better for us the airline passenger.And if you believe that, you’ve been watching pigs fly.

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