Germany wants ski resorts closed

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Angela Merkel has called on the EU to close all ski resorts this winter. The Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, has asked Italians not to head to the slopes over the Christmas break.

Alta Badia In Italy – one of the most popular European ski resorts. Will the Italian PM’s plea for Italian ski-resots to stay closed be heeded?

Individual leaders and countries will decide on action so why ask the EU to intervene?

At present, ski resorts in Austria, France and Italy are closed until next Tuesday, December 1st.

Switzerland announced on Thursday that its slopes would remain open.

But with Germany extending its lockdown until December 20th and Italy seeing an increasing number of cases, the leaders of both countries are becoming nervous about what the ski season might deliver to their attempts to stem the pandemic.

Geemany has far fewer ski resorts compared to its neighbours with Garmisch-Partenkirchen probably being the most well-known so it won’t be as economically affected.

Both both leaders surely remember that the spread in Europe began in ski resorts.

But that was a year ago and the ski resorts have introduced controls and procedures to try and make visitors and staff as safe as possible. But that will cut very little ice with politicians. They count the cots if the virus spreads in lives, strains on the health services and the impact on their economies.

 One case in a small confined area can lead to a large spread as the small Welsh town of Cardigan found out. Previously just about the place with the smallest outbreak in Wales, a 60th birthday party in a small pub and a pub crawl afterwards resulted in 55 cases and 300 contacts needing to be traced and told to self-isolate.

It isn’t about the slopes that the worry circulates, it is in the chalets and in the apres-ski.

Could a country gamble on letting a resort open as a test?

The cruise industry has tried to re-start couple of times with different companies operating cruises and some closing after just a single cruise. Others have managed it in areas where there is a low incidence of the virus. The problem is that most of the European ski resorts are already in areas where the pandemic is flourishing.

The EU is yet to comment on Mrs Merkel’s call. In the meantime, ski resorts await with an increasing lack of confidence that a profitable ski season will be possible

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