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Like many other organisations connected to tourism, museums and galleries have faced a tough time over the last eight months or so.

The Scottish Maritime Museum is looking to raise money to restore Kyles in time for its 150th birthday. Image – Scottish Maritime Musuem

With door closed and visitors unable to visit, many have resorted to virtual tours to try and generate some publicity and funds to keep them going. Apart from staff they still have heating, insurance, lighting and research bills to face each and every day.

In conjunction with the Museums Association,  has launched a nationwide crowdfunding campaign to support museums as they face the huge challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

Launched last Monday, some museums have already signed up to the campaign including Wiltshire, Reading and Oxford museums.

Crowdfunder has already raised over £1.28 million for 82 different projects concerning our theatres which have also been badly hit by the pandemic so there is considerable optimism that a large sum of money can be raised for museums.

Crowdfunder have waived all their fees, so this is completely free and every penny donated will go straight to the museum concerned.

So far the Louth Museum in Lincolnshire has been the most successful raising just over £2,500 towards its target of £6,000. The Scottish Maritime Museum wants to raise £15,000 to help restore Kyles, the oldest floating Clyde-built vessel in the UK in time for its 150th birthday in 2022.

Some fundraising has only just started.

It isn’t as if the museums are trying to raise tens of thousands of pounds.

The most is £20,000 for the National Museums of Wales but this will be spread amongst their seven differently named museums. They will be using some of the monies raised for really relevant uses. Some money will go towards taking part of the national collections out to care homes to stand to continue to host Cruse Bereavement sessions at St Fagans National Museum of History. 

If your local museum wants to take advantage of this offer, they should contact

To donate go to

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