Are QR codes the way forward?

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I don’t think that tourism has ever been much of a topic at G-20 meetings. Usually it is economic policy, trade, disputes between nations or calling for world peace.

Are QR codes the way to open up travel?

Discussing travel and how to regenerate it must have been a novel experience for the twenty leaders who huddled around their hi-tech virtual conference kit.

With millions of people in the travel industry facing the dole queues because of the pandemic, it came up as an issue.

Except that it didn’t really.

One leader, the president of China, said that QR codes that we have become familiar with, should be used as an international answer to whether a person can fly or not. Whether other leaders said anything about travel hasn’t been reported by the hacks covering the summit but I’d be prepared that little else was said about the problem of travel.

As it is, President Xi Jinping, is advocating that QR  odes work as a health certificate which would record previous testing. If a person had tested positive, the code would be green and thus act like a passport to let people travel freely to any country in the world.

Provided that other countries agree.

On the face of it, this sounds like an excellent solution. That is if you forget all those people that don’t have smart phones.

But the suggestion has aroused the interest of privacy advocates.

As countries will have access to this information will the “health passport” there is concern about access. Will the information only be used for travel?

The Chinese QR system which has been in operation for much of this year records a person’s travel movements and their health records.

Would, many have asked, you trust software that has Chinese backing?

That might be sufficient for deterring countries from using that or a similar QR system.

On the other hand, no other nation has come up with a better idea.

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