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In interviews given by the boss of easyJet after the publication of their dreadful financial figures he said that demand for travel during 2021 was high.

Shipwrech beach in Zakynthos
Navagio Beach on the Greek island of Zakinthos is one destination where bookings are siad to be high

He isn’t alone in believing this.

Travel agents and tour operators, airlines and cruise companies have been saying for a few weeks that there is a pent-up demand. I know that readers will have heard this before and that it has been hot air in the past as the travel industry tries to cheer itself up.

This time and with the announcement of the successful trials by Pfizer but in particular Moderna, bookings have jumped.

When Singapore and Hong Kong announced a travel corridor, the demand for airline tickets jumped. The same has happened with flights from London to Dubai after the UAE was added to the list of places to which Britons can travel.

Most cruise companies report good bookings for summer 2021. Tour operators report greater interest in island holidays, small group tours along with walking and cycling trips

The easyJet boss expects package holidays to bounce-back first in the holiday market although most people think that those visiting friends and relatives (known as VFR in the trade) will be the first to restart. Usually VFR travel is a small part of the market but with people having not seen their families for up to a year, this is likely to be an important guide to how we will travel in the future.

With a new testing policy to be announced by the British government later this month which will probably see quarantine times cut from a fortnight to somewhere between 5 and ten days depending on who you talk to, this might also spur holidaymakers to travel. That is providing that there are countries which will allow us to enter relatively easily and without having to undergo umpteen tests and travel restrictions once we arrive.

Still overhanging this optimism though is Brexit. We still don’t know how that will affect our travel plans and with just six weeks to go, it is lamentable that we still don’t know what travel will be like.

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