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This is the name given to the new global promotion devised by Montenegro to encourage us to visit.

The old town of Kotor. Image – Ranko Maraš/Kotor.Travel

It plays on what the country has decided has been one of the features of various lockdowns – the need for people to embrace nature as a break from the virtual world that we have faced for months.

For a small country of about 620,000 people it already sees about 1.6 million international visitors of which over 80,000 are from the UK.

It has become increasingly popular with Britons over the last few years for a number of reasons not the least of which is that it is served by low-cost airlines flying into the capital city, Podgorica.  British Airways plans a seasonal service next July.

The second international airport is Tivat into which easyJet flies along with the national airline, Montenegro Airlines which links Tivat with Gatwick with a seasonal service.

Tivat is a coastal town in the Bay of Kotor making water sports and beach holiday opportunities a draw for visitors. But the attraction of the country for many Britons has been the mountains and the opportunity to trek and explore that countryside that Montenegro is not promoting.

Not yet an EU member, when it does become so probably in the middle of this decade, visitor numbers will jump as a result of that membership.

The campaign which will be aimed at the UK as part of the promotion highlights the untouched natural beauty of the country.

Yes, you might say, but any country with a hill, a meadow and a bit of sand along the coastline would claim it had unnatural beauty and you’d be just about right.

In Montenegro’s case, however, the size of the country (about the size of Yorkshire) means that it is easily possible to enjoy both the coast and the mountains without having to waste much holiday time travelling between the two. Fitting together twin centre holidays is an easy task and recommended and for one particular reason. The cuisine of the coast is very different from that of the mountains and both reflect the centuries old influences of other nations on Montenegro.

The campaign video can be found by clicking here or going to video here:

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