A Spanish Christmas break?

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When the lockdown ends in England and the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish government also says travel can happen, many people will turn their minds to Spain.

Benidorm – will many of us travel at Christmas for a Spanish holiday?

Think again!

From the 23rd of November and therefore taking in the Christmas and new year periods you will require a PCR test to enter Spain.

The PCR test is the test that takes longer to complete and costs more (£120-£180 per person) as well. It isn’t any good going to Heathrow and getting a test there because it isn’t a PCR test so you will have to find a private supplier to undertake the test. The UK government doesn’t want you clogging up NHS testing with what it considers to be leisure testing.

The test cannot have been taken more than 72 hours before departure.

That raises a conundrum for those considering a holiday abroad. The first is whether – for a family of four – it is worth paying an additional £480-£700 for the holiday. The second is whether you should book before you take the test and risk the test will be negative or wait until you get a clean bill of health.

There are have been too many stories amongst the younger age groups suggesting that they showed no symptoms but still had the virus when tested.

In case this puts you off travelling to Spain and you decide on another EU country then you may still have the problem.

The EU which has gradually awoken to its responsibilities of trying to co-ordinate an EU wide response to the pandemic wants all other EU countries to adopt similar measures for all those countries rated as being high-risk. That the list – based on ECDC figures – changes almost as often as you change your socks makes second guessing where you can travel a bit difficult.

The action is likely to make Christmas and New year passengers think more about travelling outside EU nations. Turkey where the Turkish currency has dipped quite a bit against sterling so you will get a better rate and where fewer restrictions exist might be the big winner of end of year travel.

But then you will still have to quarantine on your return to the UK!

It looks like travellers can’t win at the moment.

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