The future of holidays

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Tomorrow would normally be the start of the World Travel Market, an event where thousands and thousands of travel professionals would go filling up DLR carriages so that tinned sardines seem to have luxurious accommodation in comparison.

Will beaches fill up again? © Dan Sperrin

But, this year, lucky DLR riders in East London won’t have to fight to get onto the platforms let alone the trains because the market has gone virtual.

But does this mean that we at Just about Travel won’t be providing a few stories each and every day to let you know how the holiday market is changing?

Usually, press conferences overlap and there is a scurry as travel writers try to get from one to another without missing too much. It never works; we always miss some. This time might be better.

What the industry wants to hear about as do readers and the Great British holidaymaker is what will holidays be like after the pandemic. Since we can’t judge when “normality” returns, it is anybody’s guess when we can get away in the same numbers as we did before 2020.

Will we want to return to the Costas in Spain or the Canaries and Balearics or would we prefer somewhere with fewer people? Will we opt for more walking and rambling holidays where we can stay in our own little bubbles most of the time rather than opt for guided tours? Will cruises with thousands of people on board the same vessel or will people prefer river tours or travelling on smaller ocean going ships that carry just hundreds of passengers?

Will we want the conviviality of other people at all?

daffodils in Melrose
Will walking and quiet holidays be preferred?

Will we even want to travel in our millions or is there just a hard core of a couple of a million of us who have that inbuilt urge to travel?

How many of us will want to travel abroad as opposed to having staycations.

The travel industry would like to know all this and one other minor thing more. What will travel be like when we have left the Brexit transition period after December 31st? We still don’t know if we need visas or if we have to pay for them or even whether planes from the UK can fly into European airspace.

We won’t have all these answers for readers but we’ll certainly try to give you some ideas for future travel.

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