Sometimes in a hole, you should stop digging

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Sometimes you really have to wonder about the thinking amongst Ryanair’s senior staff.

Ryanair plane ascending
Does the airline understand good customer practice?

It appears to think that any publicity it gets must be good given the number of times it seems to go out of the way to put its size 12 right into the wet and sticky stuff.

This time it is over the announced lockdown in England. Its CEO – Michael O’Leary – said on both Bloomberg and BBC’s Today programme that teh airline won’t offer a refund to those booked between this coming Thursday and the 2nd of December despite the fact that the British government is banning flying.

It says that instead it will allow passengers to switch flying free of charge to a date in the future.

If it has said that it understood that passengers would be disadvantaged but because airlines are taking massive financial hits, would passengers please swap their flights for future ones then many people would not think twice especially as those switches would be covered by ATOL bonding if part of a package.

People understand that travel is in a dire place.

But to be so opinionated and to be so reluctant to acknowledge that people are financially impacted and might need their money back smacks of sheer arrogance.

If the airline had said that it was aware that some people would need refunds, that would probably be the end of the intemperate language that the airline will face.

As it is the CAA might need to point out in words of one syllable – it appears the airline doesn’t understand more complicated words – that it is bound to refund monies to passengers and within a set time period.

Passengers should opt for whatever solution suits them and if that means reporting the airline to the CAA for not refunding money in a timely manner, then they should do so.

Ryanair made a mess of customer relations during the first lockdown and it doesn’t look to have improved those relations this time around.

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