Who knows?

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With an England four week lockdown starting next week and ending in December, lockdowns in Austria, France, tighter controls in Greece, Portugal and Spain, the next month is looking like being a holiday free zone.

What do the lockdowns mean for a winter ski season? Image – Visit Finland

To top it off, in an interview this morning on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Michael Gove said it was his hope that the lockdown would end in early December. That rather suggests it might if the “R” rate doesn’t come to down to an acceptable figure.

In truth companies and councils are still coming to grips with the implications of the announcement yesterday evening.

All of the four governments –and I suspect governments in Europe – are trying to reduce the spread as much as possible so that something like Christmas can occur with families meeting together. Whether they succeed is something we won’t know until much closer the time.

For the upcoming ski season in Europe, things look a bit bleak. It was last season that outbreaks were traced back to Northern Italy and Austria but that was before there were any precautions in place. For this coming season, chalet owners, hoteliers and resort operators as well as skiers will be better prepared. It could still be the case that only domestic visitors will manage to reach the slopes.

It isn’t much better for the winter sun holiday season. Barely had I written about the rules put in place in the Canaries to help tourism be responsible and safe than it seemed as though the story was as outdated as boot hooks and the quill. Visitor numbers to any of the usual winter destinations like the Canaries, Turkey, Malta, the Balearics, the Caribbean and the Far East look in doubt because of both restrictions in home countries but because with those areas want British visitors possibly bring COVID-19 with them?

or a winter sun holiday? Image – Krabi in Thailand

In interviews last night with medical experts blame was put on international travel as one of the causes of an upsurge in cases. That and the “Eat out” scheme that the government sponsored in support of the restaurant, pub and café industries.

It isn’t what happens in the next few weeks that matters so much as what happens afterwards. Will we be allowed to cross home borders let alone international ones?

Wales will come out of lockdown first followed by Northern Ireland. What will their governments permit us to do? Will Scotland alter its about to be implemented tier system and opt for a wider lockdown or will its proposals work.

Will December be a dawning of a travel age or just more of the same?

Who knows?

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