Holidaying in the Canaries? mandatory testing required

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Rumours have been rife for a couple of weeks that the government of the Canary Islands has introduced mandatory testing for tourists visiting any of the islands.

Lanzarote Just a negative antigen test will do

Since it was announced by the government that British residents could travel to the islands again without having to undergo quarantine on return, holiday bookings have jumped.  Tens of thousands of bookings have been made in particular for the winter, over Christmas and early Spring.

Travel companies have been nervous about what policies the Canary Islands government would introduce. What wasn’t wanted was a full PCR test which takes over six hours for the results at the very best and a couple of days as being quite normal.

So there will be some joy that the tests can be either a PCR test or an antigen test. The antigen takes minutes to do and this is what is being offered by Heathrow airport. It is also much cheaper (unless you pay the Heathrow test fee) and should be able to be got for somewhere between £15 and £25.

There is a little sting in the tail in that the government on the islands also insists that you must have had another test taken in the 48 hours before you make your return flight. The good news is that that testing cost will be free.

No date has been provided by the Canary Islands on when these new rules will come into place although it will probably be in the next 10-14 days.

If you plan to visit more than one of the islands then there will be no requirement to take another test when you move from one island to another provided you declare that you haven’t left the islands for some other destination within fifteen days or travelling to that second or subsequent island.

With an imminent lockdown in England lasting until December and similar measures deterring travel in the devolved nations, it looks as though it will be around Christmas before the Canary Isles see many Britons.

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