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According to Professor McKee of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, holidaymakers are to blame for the upturn in coronavirus cases. It came about he said, because of the huge movements in people as they headed south in droves into Spain, Portugal and Italy for the summer holidays, presumably mixed with people and then returned home bring the virus as an unwanted holiday souvenir.

are there things we are not doing right? Or is travel itself as opposed to travellers the main cause?

He may be right but his comments will once again hit the travel industry.

The industry is almost being blamed for this second wave although all of us probably expected a resurgence in the autumn and winter.

How on earth can the industry show it wasn’t to blame?

Cruises have resumed in some parts of the world but the number of incidences appears to be low.

Despite some dodgy assumptions by IATA in the way it presented figures, cases contracted by flying look low. People might have latent symptoms before they flew but actual contracting it on a plane appear to be minute.

Equally, cases notified at hotels seem low. Most cases that have occurred seem to be have been contracted elsewhere but appeared when staying at an accommodation.

My temptation is to say that the virus is spreading not by travel or holidays per se but by people forgetting the health strictures whilst holidaying. But if that were the case why weren’t there upsurges in August? Think of all those people sunning themselves along the Dorset coast – some 300,000 were estimated to be there – yet there was no spike in the weeks following.

But, admittedly, people tend to react differently when on holiday. Litter, for example, becomes a bigger problem when holidaymakers are around and it doesn’t just rise in proportion to the growth in numbers.

But given that Greece was one of the few countries open to British tourists why has the growth rate there not be higher? In fact Greece seems to have many fewer cases than many of the countries that supply its holidaymakers

In the UK increases seem to have coincided with schools going back in August in Scotland and in September elsewhere. What parent has not contracted a cold from their children once term time begins again?

Are children and primarily pre-schools and primary schools the main cause? You can’t easily tell a three or five-year old to socially distance but older children do understand what they being told. Obeying may be a different matter!.

I may be way off line here in my thoughts but an independent voice needs to examine the spread and – if travel and holidays are to blame – then at least we know to focus on that industry to stem growth.

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