Forget autumn breaks

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With the resurgence of COVID-19 cases, half-term and autumn breaks seem off the agenda.

social distancing at its most obvious – camping

The announcement of lockdowns regardless of the naming by politicians has closed off holiday opportunities in Wales, Ireland regardless of whether it is in the north or south of the island and most of Scotland. England still has some possibilities for those living in the country but for the tourism and hospitality industries it is another potential nail.

Although the Welsh fire-break as it has been called has a definite end-date, will people want to or be allowed to take stay-breaks and staycations from the middle of November onwards?

A good August in Wales was followed by a stuttering September and early October and will now be followed by a closure despite camping, caravanning, walking and house rental holidays being the easiest for social distancing and staying apart.

Except that we know that some people practiced none of these commended measures and the rest of us face the consequences along with them.

A small hotel in Anglesey has seen its business disappear almost overnight and now has no business till Christmas although what that will be like is anyone’s guess.

In the Republic of Ireland, some counties have been under tight restrictions regarding their travel possibilities for weeks already. In Glasgow, Leicester, West Yorkshire and Liverpool to name just a few, travel has been discouraged.

how has all this affected travel and tourism in the last month?

The response by governments of whatever persuasion has been to provide some payments for salaries to affected staff but little or no support has been forthcoming for maintaining the businesses. Any business has a maintenance role to keep equipment clean and usable to keep the fabric of its property usable so that it can re-open whenever the signal comes to do so.

On top of that, when re-opening comes, will it be followed by another shutdown in a few months’ time?

The effect this has on the providers of services not just to travel and tourism is debilitating. Is it worth the effort many will ask?

What will be ready for us to visit once the pandemic is reigned under control?

The five museums that make up the national science museums have announced redundancies as has Birmingham where about a quarter of museum jobs look likely to go. Will these qualified staff be available to return to those jobs afterwards? Isn’t it likely that they will have found the need for other jobs in order to pay their bills? So museums, galleries and attractions could face trained staff shortages making it difficult for them to open as they did before the pandemic.

The long term effects, not on people’s health because that is already being considered but on what people will be able to see and do once this is over is not something that is being considered as far as I can see.

What once was planning has been replaced by short-term survival yet both require consideration now.

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