Confident about going abroad?

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Nervousness about international travel has dogged the travel industry for the last few months.

To fill aircraft again, passengers have to recover confidence

What is responsible?

A range of things probably including a belief that insufficient health and safety checks are in place to protect passengers. Then there is the issue of quarantining and the speed with which governments throughout the world close borders presenting problems returning home before the figurative drawbridge is raised. For others it is the imposition of PCR COVID-19 tests prior to flying and whether you ca get a refund if you test positive and can’t fly.

There have been many pieces of research since the pandemic including one in which Just about Travel was involved in May which showed that nearly 68% of responders thought quarantine would make it less likely that they would travel abroad.

In that same survey only 22% said that they would travel abroad.

Four months later, the position hasn’t changed that much.

In a survey by easyJet of 2,028 Britons it found less than a quarter are prepared to travel abroad over the next three months.

There is a bit more confidence about 2021.  For the first part of the year the number of people who say they are prepared to travel rises to 37%.

Intriguingly, 40% say that they would be prepared to quarantine for fourteen days to escape the UK winter. Could it be that this group is made up of the retired, those who have jobs or those who have a lot of accrued holiday?

In addition, 40% said that they would opt for destinations that have a low rate of infection.

The same survey also seems to confirm what many travel agency people have been saying which is that people are looking to protect themselves by booking self- catering or a self-contained holiday.

More than 50% would only be willing to travel if there was greater financial protection should circumstances change.

EasyJet used the research to underpin their new policy which states that customers who wish to cancel up to 28 days before departure will receive a full refund, including their deposit in credit, while changes can be made within the same timeframe at no cost. Payment can also be made in instalments with the balance due 28 days before travel.

 Elsewhere in the survey, four in 10 said they proactively look for destinations that have a low rate of Covid infection, while three in ten said they now prefer self-catering or self-contained holiday.

This survey reinforces the fact that confidence is going to be a major hurdle to overcome.

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