No October half-term holidays?

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That was the message to those living north of the border by Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

Will visitors eshew an overseas holiday and head to somewhere like the Scottish Highlands?

It was almost echoed by her counterpart in Wales, Mark Drakeford who asked those living in the principality not to make unnecessary travel. Boris said nothing along these lines whilst Arlene Foster in Northern Ireland  also said nothing.

After a quick ring-around to travel agents this morning, they aren’t seeing much business. but they also aren’t seeing half-term cancellations. At least, not yet.

As the number of infected cases rises, those who may be considering an October or any other break in the next few months need to look at the changing rules of the destinations they are considering visiting.

Those countries might decide our infection rate is too high and ban us from travelling there or impose quarantine rules.

It sounds as though an overseas holiday in the next few months will now drop on people’s wish lists.

As mentioned earlier, TUI are seeing more and more bookings being made at the very last minute so it looks as though holidaymakers and travellers are heeding the news to see where they can and cannot go to.

But the four announcements that were made yesterday might also affect domestic tourism. “No unnecessary journeys” might mean to some that they shouldn’t visit parks, gardens, heritage sites and other tourist attractions.

The tourist industry must be hoping that people will interpret the announcements as meaning that getting out for mental welfare reasons is worthwhile and that they should still get out and about if they can do so and do so safely.

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