Testing holiday times

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Readers will know that I occasionally drop the odd pun or five into stories which is why I say it is a testing times for holidays.

PCR testing before taking a holiday may become the norm for a while

It looks like getting even more testing.

If you want to holiday abroad many more

Destinations are demanding that you have a PCR test anywhere between five and two days before arriving in the country concerned.

That is making life more than a little difficult for UK readers in particular because ethe testing system at the moment is fraught with issues for the traveller.

Firstly there are some parts of our countries where you may not be able to get a test for a few days which means that taking a test before you go and during a window of only about five days at the most is a gamble.

Secondly it is taking more time to get the results back from these tests. I would rate you extremely lucky if you got a test back in less than 48 hours which means that if you are off on a holiday to Croatia, for example, which wants a test no older than 48 hours your only option is a private company. That will cost anything from £100 to whatever a company thinks it can get away with. If you go down this route check the prices of a couple first.

In the case of Croatia you will have to quarantine of your return to the UK as well!

Go to Madeira where is there no quarantine measures on returning to the UK and your PCB results have to be no older than 72 hours.

Without test results, many destinations will compel you to self-isolate for seven, ten or fourteen days.

The bigger problem is that even if you have to show a test no older than five days, the more destinations that insist on a PCR test the more strain that is placed on the NHS to test and laboratories to respond.

And priority will be on health workers, educations institutions, those who get us to work and back and definately not holidaymakers.

As half-term approaches – and assuming we face no more lockdowns – there will be an even greater demand on holidaymakers to get a PCR test before they go to some destinations so there could be even longer delays.

It is almost as though the world is conspiring to stop the holidaymaker travelling.

It is certainly making it more and more cumbersome so that many will just through up their hands and stay alone which won’t endear us to airlines or tour operators specialising in overseas holidays.

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