P&O cancels until February

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Yet more signs that travel is facing more difficulties comes with the announcement that P&O has cancelled all sailings until January at the earliest.

P&O’s Arcadia cruising in the Caribbean. But probably not this yer

The cruise company had hoped to restart in October but the increasing rise in cases around the world put an end to that.

If you are affected, then you will either be given a refund or a voucher for 125% of the cost of the trip enabling you to book a future cruise with the company which shouldn’t cost you anymore because of the 125% offer provided you book a similar cruise.

Even allowing for voucher offer, I can’t imagine that P&O would argue about a hundred pounds of more difference. What matters to them will be getting passengers back on board as soon as possible. 

River cruising continues on a much smaller scale than before but ocean cruising is a task too far for many companies although how long they can hold out and stay afloat (pardon the pun) financially is another matter.

There is some cruising in the Far East but the itineraries are limited to fewer ports and visiting fewer countries. There are also fewer cruises longer than seven days.

In Europe, Costa and Hurtigruten are operating but Costa is limiting itself to Italy and Hurtigruten is hugging Scandinavia and an all-UK itinerary. Adria is planning to start next month.

To cap the problems of the cruise companies there are still many countries like Australia, the Maldives that won’t allow cruise liners to dock at their own ports.  The Seychelles has banned cruise ships until 2022.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a ban on cruise ships sailing in American waters until the end of the month but an announcement will be made shortly on whether that ban will be extended.

We could see many more intra-national cruises rather than international ones as cruise companies test the waters. (two puns in one story; an unenviable result.)  Portugal has a ban on cruise ships visiting the country but only this until the end of this month suggesting that it is taking a pragmatic view and hoping that virus cases will drop oner the next fortnight and that it can open its ports again.

Other big companies like Royal Caribbean have suspended Pacific cruises for the rest of the year which might partly be due to the Australian government’s decision this week not to all cruise ships to dock at its ports until December 17th.

Some like Carnival are selling off ships, eighteen in all. Ones that costs hundreds of millions are almost at knock-down prices. A cruise ship – just thirty years old and carrying about 600 passengers can be had for about £8 million if not less.

If you fancy starting your own cruise company now seems a great time to buy. Then all you have to worry about is finding ports that will let you dock and passengers confident enough to travel!

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