Micro-tourism is the new buzzword

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If you haven’t come across the word yet, my bet is that you will over the next few months.

Ruthin Castle- the Edwardian verson
part of the Edward I castle in the grounds of the Ruthin Castle Hotel. How many locals have visited the site?

Experts are touting it as the best answer to the current tourism malaise.

With people reluctant to travel overseas and to stray far from their homes, micro-tourism is the art of persuading people to visit somewhere which remains closer to their homes. It could be a few miles away or maybe as far as fifty but probably not much further.

Seen as a way of persuading people to travel again the idea is that people may be willing to travel small distances and then, as they feel more comfortable travelling, they will spread their wings further as confidence grows.

Does it matter that you could comfortably make the journey there and back in a day? I don’t think it will replace a holiday as most of us know it but it will provide us with a break and that is what most of us need. Staring at the wall of our own houses or at life within our villages or suburbs has had an impact.

So in the next few months during a time when many cities or towns might have been promoting Christmas markets, harvest markets or food exhibitions expect to see more of a focus on  what you can see close by.

London & Partners, for example, have introduced their “Because I’m a Londoner” campaign to encourage those living in the metropolis to visit locations on their doorsteps.

With destinations, try feeding in your postcode and many destinations will indicate opportunities nearby.

But won’t most people have visited the obvious attractions near to where they live?

That’s the challenge for the destinations. They have to come up with something different, create something new like a walk or a ramble, or at the very least, to tempt us back to places with new information about places we think we already knew.

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