Join the Great British September Clean

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The regular clean-up of our beaches, our parks, our communities, and other places after the summer takes place this year from tomorrow until the 27th of September.

How Scotland is approaching the clean-up

It shouldn’t be necessary to have a clean-up because people should be expected to deposit any rubbish in bins provided or to take it home with him.

But that isn’t the case.

It appears that the Great British traveller forgets their manners when on holiday and leaves litter and goodness knows what else lying around for others to clean up after them.

On top of that there is the rubbish that the tides and the winds swirl around bring in.

To give you some idea of how much rubbish can be left around, after the months of lockdown about 200 bags of rubbish were collected from Snowdonia in Wales in just in two months.

That no more than about 300,000 visited during those two months suggests that for each 1,500 visitors there is a bag of rubbish to be cleared away. What we have no idea about is how many people left rubbish so all visitors have to be tainted with same accusation.

Scotland is using the slogan “Scotland is stunning Let’s keep it that way” and the same expression could cover each of our countries and all our communities.

Keep Britain Tidy, Keep Scotland Beautiful, Zero Waste Scotland and a number of other organisations are backing the clean-up. Although more than 680,000 people have volunteered, these and the local bodies that have been set up would always welcome a few more volunteers if you spare the time to help out for a few hours at somewhere local to you.

In addition Keep Scotland Beautiful would like people there to do a litter survey to help them create snapshot of litter in Scotland

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