Could the UK be placed on more red lists?

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Anyone listening, watching or reading the mainstream media over the weekend will be aware of the stories showing that coronavirus cases are on the increase.

St Lucia. No cases recorded like Barbados

Whilst Bolton, Glasgow, Cardiff and the north-east of England may be the places that news reports refer to, it is the overall rise and number that is concerning.

Today’s copy if The Times runs with “Fear that Britain is losing control as daily cases rise to 3,000.” The Scottish edition goes with “cases at four-month high.”

The Guardian goes with “Fears UK government has lost control as cases soar” and the Telegraph has “Highest daily cases since May.”

Overseas France 24 points out that the UK figure is concerning which is almost a quote from the Health secretary, Matt Hancock and his comments are widely quoted elsewhere.

My concern is that holiday destinations might decide e that they don’t want British tourists visiting them and possibly infecting their communities.

At present Spain and France – our two biggest holiday destinations – have “don’t fly” bans imposed by The British government. But a number of other nations with much lower incidences of infection per 100,000 population might not want to see visits from a country with twice or three times their figures.

We might beat about not being able to travel to some countries because of British or devolved government instructions but little or no attention is being given to whether destinations might stop us visiting.  

Cyprus, for example, has just over a third of the number of cases the UK has. Barbados and St Lucia have had no cases in the last week and Cuba has had only 0.003 cases as a percentage of its population compared to a figure of 0.0192 in the UK. Some countries on our “don’t travel” list such as Egypt and Tunisia have had fewer cases than the UK.

Why should any of these places want British visitors which might increase the infection in their own lands?

So far British holidaymakers have really only been considering the rules imposed by the UK and the devolved nations. We need to start watching the reactions of other countries to what is happening in the UK.

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