Qurantine for Scots returning from Greece

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Update: 2nd September 2020

Following the Scottish decsion, the Welsh government has decided that people returning to Wales from Zante (but no other part of Greece) should go into quarantine for 14 days although as of 8am on 2/9/2020 the Welsh government advice website had not changed. In addition TUI has announced that it will not sell holidays to Laganos on Zante from the UK as of the 3rd of September

Yesterday the Scottish government took a unilateral decision again. It introduced a 14 day quarantine period for any Scots resident that had holidayed in Greece, the quarantine deadline to start at 4am on Thursday morning.

Shipwrech beach in Zakynthos
Navagio Beach on Zante (also known as Zakynthos)

Once again we have the idiotic situation where, if a Scot wanted to travel to Greece and back all they had to do was to pop down to an English airport and fly from there.

And why wouldn’t they?

Provided the FCO don’t issue a travel advisory, ( and they hadn’t as of 7.30am on 2nd September) then their insurance would still be valid. And if there are still flights going to Greece they wouldn’t be able to get the cost of the flight repaid and they certainly wouldn’t get back the cost of their accommodation.

Yes there have been increases in COVID -19 cases in the region around Athens as well as on a few of the islands including Zante. That is the reason the Scots government has stepped in.

Three different flights from Zante to British destinations have led to passengers displaying symptoms of COVID-19, one of them being a passenger on a Zante-Glasgow flight.

How many cases in the current Glasgow surge can be traced to Greece?

As I see it, the number of cases in Greece isn’t rising to the levels where quarantine has been imposed by the four governments on other destinations. Either the Scots government has information to which the rest of us aren’t privy or they are assuming there will be a jump in numbers.  

At the time of writing there is no estimate of the number of Scottish residents that might be affected but I imagine there will be a scramble to return in time and the usual interviews with passengers saying they weren’t given enough warning. The travel industry will moan bitterly and with some justification. They were arming themselves against a possible Portugal ban rather than a Greek one. They also find decision making difficult to follow when there in no unified approach.

What the travel industry will be concerned about is that the Westminster and the other devolved nations follow the Scottish decision on Thursday, the day a UK decision is made.

Couldn’t all four governments decide on a set day to announce decisions like this? If there is urgency cannot they all act together instead of this confusing and splintered approach?

And if the other three governments don’t follow the Scottish decision it will the matter even more difficult to understand.

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