Partying – a thing of the past?

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One feature of many people’s holidays is nightlife.

But can we party and still remain calm?

On the whole, the human being is a sociable animal and is prone to mixing with other humans.

But mixing with other humans seems to be the cause of many of the increases in COVID -19 cases that are being seen around the world. Instead of us being able to mix with more and more people, governments are reducing the number of people with whom we can see.

In South Korea and in the Australian state of NSW, churches seem to be a breeding ground for spreading the virus. In Spain, in Greece, Florida, North-West England, Cardiff and also in Sydney in NSW it looks as though bars, restaurants and clubs are being blamed for the increase. Evidence from Spain suggests that – like the UK –  a number of cases have been linked to parties, outdoor drinking sessions, nightclubs and bars. In fact 20% of cases have been found in people under the age of 20.

What’s the answer to the upsurge?

The quick reply is to stop people congregating and that means bars and clubs and maybe restaurants and pubs. But surely that is too glib an answer.

Could it be not that the places are the problem, but an over indulgence in alcohol? If that were the answer governments could just impose a limit on the number of drinks but I wonder whether it is more than that.

Could it be a desire for people to let their hair down? Could it be an over-confidence amongst younger people rather than the middle aged or old? Could it be a desire to just get out of the house?

Whatever it is there is an undeniable impact. And since it seems to affect younger people rather than the middle aged or older age groups it is to their activities that attention will be placed. And that means partying and enjoying a nightlife.

Officials in Liverpool are the latest to stress to those under 40 (who make up half the current cases) to be vigilant.

Without that vigilance from under 40’s it could be that partying will become a thing of the past. At least until a vaccine is available.

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