The last summer bank holiday

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In one week today we will be enjoying the last bank holiday of summer.

Oxford Castle became a prison and is now a hotel

Shortly afterwards, kids will return to schools, and the reality of a winter slog through flu and COVID -19 probably rearing its head again will dampen spirits.

So I suggest we banish pessimistic thoughts and look to enjoy the bank holiday long weekend as much as we can.

At least we can get out and about and enjoy the countryside, the coast and our parks. The limits on travel that some nations introduced and which were in force for the two May holidays have largely gone. But you can imagine that roads will be busy to popular areas so think differently and either visit somewhere a bit more remote or head to somewhere where crowds won’t go.

There will be no Notting Hill Carnival in London so now might be a good time to stroll through west London and see sights that normally would be overrun by visitors.

As people leave the cities and big towns, visiting those same places will see you in reverse of the usual busy nature. Places like Nottingham, Northampton, Norwich, Newark, Newcastle- upon-Tyne, Newton Abbot and Nantwich are just seven places where there is a lot to explore if you take the trouble to try. And that’s just in England.

For those of you in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales there are similar places that – on the fac of it – are just towns with suburbs, industrial estates and shopping centres but there is usually something interesting to find.

How many people visiting Tenby in west Wales for example stop and look at a jaded sign attached to an wall of Boots and see that Henry VII was reputedly hid in a cellar on the site before escaping to Brittany, raising and army and returning to defeat Richard III and established the Tudor dynasty?

How many people visit Cheltenham and know that the very first successful parachute jump took place there 182 years ago in 1838. Or that Oxford Castle, once a prison is now a hotel. The cells are rather more glamorous than they once were.

Who is aware of John Hampton?

There is, ahead of us, a long run up until he next public holidays at Christmas. If you aren’t tempted to go abroad then explore nearby and keep your eyes open. It may surprise you!

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