A Barbadian holiday this year?

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Barbados is one of the most popular destinations for Britons in the Caribbean. Not really being a summer destination, the appeal lies in the late autumn and the early winter when Britons shiver at home or moan about the dank and dampness of the weather.

barbados beach
Barbados – like most of the Caribbean, there is more to enjoy than just beaches, sunshine and clear blue seas.

Then the allure of warmth, silver beaches and almost artist painted turquoised seas becomes stronger.

Many Caribbean countries haven’t suffered as much from the pandemic as some of Central and South America has. Barbados, being an island, has found it easier to lockdown and protect itself.

Is it any wonder then that the island could be expecting a bumper crop of Britons anxious to have a safe and sunny holiday this year?

Last year, 234,658 Britons visited Barbados which is about a third of all the visitors the island sees. And, for Just about Travel, Barbados has strong memories for one of our first and most read stories with over 200,000 hits was Barbados Banter!

It will be easier to visit Barbados this winter because British Airways is introducing a direct flight from Heathrow to complement the existing direct flights from Gatwick. Importantly the Heathrow flight, which starts on October 17th is a year-round service whereas that from Gatwick is just a seasonal one. It will end next April and presumably resume in October 2021.

Barbados has had only 155 cases of coronavirus and that may be down to stringent controls. If you arrive in the country without having had a negative PCR test prior to arrival you will have one at the airport and told to self-isolate at your own expense at accommodation until the test results are returned. Failure to do so means a fine.

Come the autumn and winter, regulations may be altered so check closer to the time. At present, Barbados is as welcoming as it has always been – provided you follow local rules.

Two bars were closed down over the weekend by a surveillance team because of social distancing rules not being obeyed and because some people were not wearing masks.

This assurance and quick responses could make Barbados an even more popular destination this year.

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