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Last week a new museum opened.

the Coral Greenhouse section of the new musuem. Image – MOUA

Unlike most museums this is one is underwater and, unless you are proficient in scuba or diving, you will be unable to visit it.

But then many people won’t be able to visit this site for a while anyway because it is off the Australian state of Queensland and that state has very strong visitor restrictions in place due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Readers might wonder why the Musuem of Underwater Art (MOUA) is included at the stage in Just about Travel when virtually the only people able to visit are those who live in Queensland. The answer is that the museum, being so very different from almost anything else you could visit, deserves to be known now so that people planning trips to Australia for next year onwards can consider whether to put it on their itineraries..

So far it has taken over four years of work from the MOUA Board, artist Jason deCaires Taylor (who can’t even visit because of lockdown restrictions) and the North Queensland community to bring this project into being.

Accordin g to MOUA. the Coral Greenhouse merges reef conservation, research and science with tourism, the arts and Indigenous storytelling.

A further two stages, on Palm Island and on Magnetic Island are expected to be finished in 2021 so by the time that is completed it is hoped that international visitors can visit and enjoy MOUA.

The museum is off the city of Townsville in North Queensland, (about 2,000 kilometres from Sydney and 1,300 from Brisbane) in an area that draws plenty of tourists in a normal year for the range of its attractions. Being about half way along the Great Barrier Reef means visitors have a greater range of coral and marine highlights to see.

Unlike more traditional museums where exhibits stay static, MOUA will alter as the exhibits are colonised by marine life. What you see when the exhibits open could be very different from what you might see in a few years’ time all of which will add to the appeal of MOUA

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