On the first weekend in August…

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Mention the month of august to anyone in Europe and they will tell you it is the holiday month.

North wales landscape
Snowdonia is seeing tourists again…

Except that this year, August looks like being the month for staycations rather than overseas holidays.

That was certainly the case in the UK this past weekend.

More remote destinations like the Cardigan Coast counties in Wales, the Scottish islands and the highlands as well as Cornwall all saw bumper visitor numbers in many tourist haunts.

Ceredigion in mid Wales which has seen the smallest outbreak of the virus in the country saw visitor numbers which were probably as high as if not greater than seen last year. There are reports of car parks being full near costal walks and towns with some cars in the Snowdonia being given tickets or even towed away for the second week in a row.

In Scotland, similar stories can be found. Car parks were full fairly in scenic hotspots and ferries to the Hebrides were very busy.

In Scotland people have been able to go indoors in pubs as they also been allowed to do in much of England. In wales that hasn’t been the case. It is only today that people will be allowed indoors in to the pubs.

And there is the fear that medical experts and governments have. There has been a spike in Aberdeen which has been tracked back to a pub and similar outbreak have been reported from western Sydney in Australia, South Korea and Bavaria in Germany.

The hope for tourist wanting a summer break is that people will distance and that no outbreaks will result in pubs and restaurants being closed down again.

It also leaves potential holidaymakers with another issue. If the Hebrides, the Scottish Highlands, areas around lochs, .North, mid and south-west Wales, Cornwall and the south west, the Lake and Peak districts, Northumberland and East Anglia, where do they now look for a break?

Reports of price rises as organisations take advantage of the last-minute rush may deter some but there is a pent-up need to take a break from staring at the walls of our houses and own locality so holidaymakers should consider lesser known areas for a break like Worcestershire and the Malvern Hills, the North Downs along the Surrey/Sussex birders, North Oxfordshire and South Warwickshire, Lincolnshire, the English/Welsh border counties of Shropshire and Herefordshire all of which have opportunities for enjoying the outdoors at prices that won’t break the bank.

The Eat Out to Help Out government funded promotion starts today and operates on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays whereby you can eat out and pay only 50% of the bill up to £10 each. This will encourage food tourism as well as restaurants, pubs and cafes as well.

Judging by the reports of the first weekend business in August, there will be a holiday season this August after all. It s just that it will be likely to be at home

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