What’s a person to do?

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Prior to the lockdown we were urged to us public transport. Removing cars and other private vehicles for the road would be good for the environment, good for our future health and good for our well-being in that we wouldn’t have the stress that comes naturally with driving.

public transport or your own vehicle?

Then came coronavirus and few of us travelled anywhere as we observed restrictions on travel.

Now that things are easing in the UK at least, the question remains about how to travel around to see the recently re-opened attractions, heritage centres, beaches and countryside. Do we use public transport knowing that it will be virtually impossible to socially distance and with few windows that we are able to open to get ventilation or do we return to our cars, vans and motor-bikes knowing that we will be safer in our own cocoon as we will not be mixing with other people?

I suspect the answer will be that we will opt for our own transport or hire cars which will have been sanitised to a higher standard than our own vehicles.

Some may opt for bicycles but we aren’t all fit enough to cycle forty miles each way and still enjoy ourselves on arrival. Besides there aren’t many tandems around and you can’t get the kids on your handlebars and take the whole family away.

No, it has to be the car.

Some medical experts have urged people to use their own transport rather than public transport so what’s a person to do?

Consider their health or the health of the planet?

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