Portugal misses out again

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On Friday the UK government updates its list of countries to which it says we can travel without having to face 14 day quarantine on our return.

All these places seem to have few outbreaks yet we cannot holiday there

Last Friday, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia. Slovenia and St Vincent and the grenadines were added to the list.

Readers will notice that Portugal was once again omitted.

Yet Spain and Turkey that have an increasing number of cases remain on the list.

In the Algarve, there have been just fifteen deaths from coronavirus since the outbreak. In the whole of Portugal there have been just about 1,700.

Holidaymakers don’t go to every part of Portugal. The Algarve is the prime destination for British holidaymakers and the Algarve seems safer than other parts of Portugal. The obvious answer is to restrict visits to the Algarve rather than the whole of Portugal.

Nonetheless, there were 313 new cases in Portugal last Friday with 246 the day prior to that and 135 the day before. Coincidentally the figure on the 18th July was 313 so since then cases have dropped and risen again.

In the past week, according to monitoring by Johns Hopkins University, here been 1,615 new cases and 30 deaths. During the same period France has seen 5,854 cases and 40 deaths; Italy has had 1,623 cases and 69 deaths; Turkey has recorded 6,453 cases and 122 deaths.

But France, Italy and Turkey are also places we can visit without going into quarantine when we return home.

The UK’s incidence is, at 87.8 people per million of population is more than two and a half times as high as Portugal’s so why can’t we go there without quarantining?

I can only conclude that the medical experts have access to something they are unwilling to tell us. And the Portuguese as well.

In the Algarve, there is an English language paper, Portugal Resident.

In a strong and angry article, Natasha Donn wrote a story last Friday that concluded, “Something stinks in this appalling decision…”

I and many readers and fans of holidaying in Portugal would be inclined to agree. At least until we get a more reasoned reason as to why the country is not on our travel list when countries seemingly in a more toxic position remain.

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