Awaiting a new passport?

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During the height of coronavirus in the UK, many people were furloughed meaning they were sent home, given state money and, as part of that decision, did not work.

UK passport
If your passport has six months or less validity renew it asap as some destination require that six months vailidty before allowing entry

It affected private and public organisations one of them being the passport office. With fewer staff it would have been obvious that the level of work that could be achieved with fewer numbers would not be as great as if all staff were still working.

A month ago, the office warned travellers there would be delays in issuing passports so holidaymakers should have been aware.  

So is it any surprise that there is a backlog in issuing new and renewed passports?

That truism will be little comfort to those people who have applied and have yet to hear back from the Passport Office.

It seems that about 410,000 passports are waiting for action but this figure seems worse than it is because about 70% of applications are awaiting supporting documents being sent to the passport office.

The number of applications is a substantial increase on the same numbers that applied last year says the government and one has to wonder why that should be the case.

Did applicants hold off during the height of the virus and it is only now as the lockdown has eased that they have applied?

When the government gave information in the number of passport applications last week  it didn’t say how many it has received three months ago, two months ago or even last week so the scale of the backlog is not understood.

What it has said is that those people who are travelling in the next fortnight or so will be treated more quickly than those whose travel plans are further ahead.

Meanwhile, if your passport application is lounging somewhere in the passport office and you still haven’t heard from it talk to your tour operator or travel agent if your trip is imminent. At the moment, the travel industry is in dire need of any traveller it can lay its hands on. It is more than likely to sympathise with your problem and agree to move your travel arrangements to a future date in order to keep your custom.

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