Ireland’s green list

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The Irish government was expected to announce on Monday its green list of to where those people living in the Republic could travel.

Aphrodite Rock in Cyprus
Cyprus might be one of the winners from the Irish green list publication. This is the Aphrodite Rock on the island

It didn’t happen. The reason was that the cabinet was unable to meet on Monday because the Taoiseach was held up in Brussels as EU government leaders were finalising the recovery fund.

The National Public Health Emergency Team advice is against all non-essential overseas travel, irrespective of whether a country is on the proposed green list or not.

If that is still the case why bother to issue a green list at all? Leo Varadkar, according to RTE, is of the same view.

Even allowing for the green list, the advice from the medics is that there should only be essential travel. That advice will be heeded in some cases because there is no easy way to get to some of these places even if Greenland and San Marino appeal!

The destinations on the list are














San Marino


There is no way that this constitutes a list of Ireland’s favourite holiday destinations. All of Spain, France, the UK, (bar Northern Ireland) Portugal and Turkey are missing from the list and the number of people interested in travelling to Greenland, Monaco and San Marino can probably be counted on the fingers of one hand.

As there are also no direct flights to some of these places, Irish travellers would have to change flights somewhere and that is likely to be in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid or Paris, all of which are in countries to which the Irish are advised not to go. But then, the Irish government would probably say, transit lounges are safe despite what is happening outside that little bubble.

In the light of this list it seems that Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Malta will be the hot spots for Irish holidaymakers this summer – that is if people decide to go abroad at all.

If Irish residents travel to other destinations then they will have to self-isolate on returning to Ireland for fourteen days.

To cap it all off and at the end of the statement by the Irish government it still says the recommendation is not to travel.

The list will be reviewed in a fortnight meaning that it is just possible you could book a holiday now for travel in a couple of weeks only to find your chosen destination suddenly appears on the list dur to a second spike occurring

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