COVID-19 swab tests

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Being a holidaymaker or a traveller at the moment is proving to be a nightmare.

how far in advance of travel should you take a swab test?

The information you are given one day may not be the same the next.

In the EU, the advice given by the EU itself about which countries you can visit turns out to be only advisory as individual countries are making their own decisions. At a time when you thought the EU would prove itself by providing leadership it seems unable to deliver.

Elsewhere social distancing rules vary between a metre and two metres with some destinations suggesting that where you are unable to social distance then wearing a mask  may enable you to ignore the distancing conventions.

What travellers would like would be consistency. But in this very inconsistent world  where scientific advisors disagree and the medical evidence seems often to be contradictory, where parts of one country vary the rules from one place to the next and politicians are micro-managing at a level that couldn’t have been even considered six months ago.

But the thing that irritates me at present are the differing rules on needing to take a swab test before flying to your holiday destination.

Take the new rules, for example, just issued if you want to holiday in the Bahamas. The Bahamian government would like you to produce a certificate showing a negative test which is no older than ten days before your date of arrival. On the other hand, Dominica – not a million miles away from the Bahamas – wants a negative test certificate which is no older than 72 hours before your arrival. Jamaica has the same rule as the Bahamas.

If some countries now plan on testing certain populations every week and the viral symptoms can appear in 7-14 days, asking for a negative test that is up to ten days old seems a little dangerous for the destination.

Isn’t it time that a standardised period for taking such a test such as 24-48 hours before arrival  is agreed by nations?

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