Will it stay busy?

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In my corner of Wales those people who have self-contained homes , caravans, converted farm buildings for rental are having a bonanza.

Static home rentals have been very busy

Well, quite frankly, anything after the abysmal start to the tourist season is a bonanza if you manage to achieve just a couple of rentals.

But that isn’t the case.

Since the re-opening, many will tell you that their phones haven’t stopped ringing. Some gleefully boast that they are busy until the end of August. In one busy village I viewed this last weekend, the was so much traffic it reminded me that I had forgotten what a traffic jam was like!

Virtually whatever they want to charge they can.

Locals may tell you a different story. There is a concern that incoming visitors might create a local spike. To them this is quite a worry since we have been very lucky here with few cases and two deaths.

Nonetheless, the villages rely heavily on tourism so the hope is that there will be a good season with visitors bringing money into the local economy and not bringing and new cases.

The shops have had a lean time like they have had everywhere in our countries. The little, independent shops that we always tell researchers that we love and then don’t visit as much as the chains are back up and open and hoping that business will give them  enough monies to tide them over until next Easter.

The village coffee shop that has been selling take-aways and the three pubs that have been doing the same have moved tables outside in readiness and what happens?


Yes, the first day that they can re-open and it was raining here so it didn’t augur well. Many bigger towns have closed off roads so that shopkeepers can take advantage of the space to sell their products and services on the pavements and the roads so they were also underwhelmed.

It was almost as though the Almighty had decided not to risk people gathering outside. Luckily the weather improved for the rest of the week.

All-in-all it turned out to be a pretty good week for shops and those in travel and tourism. What all are hoping for is that it continues throughout the rest of July and August without any increases in virus cases until a vaccine becomes widely available.  

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