Unfair on traders?

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English and German louts have once again made life difficult for the rest of us who might want to visit two tourist hot spots in Mallorca.

the beach at Magaluf – not a whiff of anti-social behaviour here. But wait till night falls

Last weekend supposed English (by which we probably mean British) and German tourists drank too much, partied too loudly and annoyed the residents with their behaviour. That is not new to parts of Magalluf and Playa de Palma.

For years the authorities have been trying to curb the mindless few which have given both British and German visitors a bad name.

This time the problem was compounded by the fact that few practised any form of social distancing leading the authorities to hope that there would be no spike in coronavirus cases. We will only know in about 10-20 days’ time whether there is a problem by which most of the louts will have returned home to potentially spread the virus there as well as in Mallorca.

The reaction by the island authorities has been to close the bars, restaurants and shops that depend on tourists and locals for the livelihood for at least two months. B ut is only into two small areas of Magalluf and Playa de Palma so the louts might just pop over to nearby streets.

Could the owners and staff of these premises have averted a problem by enforcing less rowdy behaviour? Unlikely and yet by being ordered to close they, their employees and their families will suffer.

It all seems unfair that these bear the brunt of the punishment.

Yet something has to be done to restore harmony in Mallorca.

Can the Mallorcan authorities place a ban on those individuals that participated? Can they remit the names of the offenders back to the UK and Germany so that the governments can limit them travelling abroad for a year or two? Can they place them in quarantine in their hotels for the rest of their visits?

Something substantial and almost over-the-top needs to be done to remind these louts that they have a responsibility for the health of people living where they visit and also their own country people and only something severe.

In Australia there is now a fine of $A16,000 (say £8,890 or €9,800) if you break the local coronavirus rules and cross from Victoria to NSW without authorisation. That is the sort of severe measure the needs to be introduced to quell the behaviour of these louts.

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