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In any other year, there would be a buzz of excitement everywhere in our countries as more and more of us prepare for a summer break.

This is the campaign that you will see at many airports this summer

You don’t need me to tell you that this year will be a little different.

Usually it is remembering passports, getting some foreign exchange and getting to the airport in time that is what we face.

This time, we face different rules in different countries on distancing, wearing facemasks, testing and any number of other things. We need to know what is open and what is not; whether there are different rules for children as opposed to adults.

Above all we face the problem that no-one can answer. What happens if there is a spike in cases whilst we are holidaying?

Helping us to travel in a safer way and offering guidance to us as we holiday and with the support of the UK government, the UK Travel Retail Forum (UKTRF), the Airports Operators Association (AOA), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Airlines UK (AUK) have got together to create a campaign and a website called Travel Safe.

‘Travel Safe’ advice will be on display in UK airports, ports, travel retail stores and food and beverage outlets, and feature simple and specific advice for passengers as they continue their journey. ‘Travel Safe’ emphasises the travel industry’s commitment to the broader transport sector recovery and complies with Government recommendations and requirements, whilst allowing each airport to tailor the messaging to fit their own individual initiatives and safety measures.

The website will be supported by advertising on social media for the next ten weeks.

The Travel safe campaign is coming from the same group behind the successful One too Many campaign that strove to remind us that drinking too much at airports and on planes was anti-social and could have severe repercussions for those detained.

This time, the idea is that we travel safely to return safely and not to spend time in clinics, medical practices or hospitals because we thought we could never catch the destructive coronavirus.

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