No Spanish holiday for Scots?

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It was a surprise yesterday when the Scottish government announced that anyone living in Scotland who travelled back from Spain would have to undergo quarantine. The same applies to Serbia but how many Scots holiday there?

a beach in the Canary islands
Will Scots be quarantined from holidaying in Spanish destinations like the Canary Islands

When, at the weekend, the UK government published its list of countries to which we could travel without entering quarantine on return, Spain was one of the countries. Most expected that the devolved nations would follow the same advice.

Scotland has opted to go its own way and, has effectively closed off Spanish holidays for its residents.

The reason for this action according to the Scottish government, was that Scotland was in a different position to the rest of the UK in that its level of coronavirus cases was lower and that it needed to protect itself from a possible spike in cases being brought back from a country when the virus is having a resurgence in some regions.

The government is equating the rest of the UK with Spain in suggesting that both countries are fine to swap visitors but Scotland is further along the road to recovery and thus, must protect itself.

The first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, warned Scots not to try and get around the advice by travelling to and flying from English airports like Newcastle.

How does she intend to stop his? By placing Scottish police at the border with England, stopping all drivers and asking them where they are going to or coming from? That is impractical. There is no way to stop it happening completely.

If Scots obey this dictat, then they will have to cancel any booked holidays and I am led to believe there are very many hundreds of bookings. Will they be able to claim on their insurance since it is the prerogative of the UK government to control border crossings rather than devolved nations? Unlikely so the Scottish government will end up with disgruntled voters.

Sturgeon said that she hoped the ban on travel with Spain “can be relaxed soon, and possibly very soon.”

I gather that a few tour operator bosses have had conversations with the powers to be in Edinburgh.

What’s the betting that, in a few days’ time, the Scottish government will find that the level of virus outbreaks in Spain will have come to a level where it can say Scots can fly to Spain again.

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