The Louvre re-opens

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The museum that attracts more visitors than any other place in the world is the Louvre in Paris.

The Louvre re-opened today in Paris

It is heavily reliant on overseas visitors as French residents only make up 25% of visitors; 75% come from outside the country. American, Chinese and South Korean visitors make up a large percentage but other neighbouring countries contribute millions of visitors as well.

It is on Europe that the Louvre will be relying as it re-opened earlier this week after a long break due to the pandemic.

With the lockdown having been lifted in EU and Shengen countries, the opportunity is now available for people to head to Paris to explore the vast museum space and all of its offerings not just the small picture of the Mona Lisa that is probably the world’s most famous painting.

Surprisingly it won’t be essential to book. It is strongly advised but if numbers fall below those that can be let in on a any particular day then walk-up visits would be possible.

Monday was the first day open and it was quieter than many people thought it might be. You could see paintings which sometimes are a bit difficult given the large numbers of people who would usually visit.

I understand that it has been possible for some people to get in who just turned up on the day.

Other museums in Europe and elsewhere are watching how the Louvre deals with the outcome of the pandemic. Will it introduce – as a regular feature – exhibitions online with a guided tour around all of what is on show? But that might cut into its revenue earning possibilities. Might it only offer exhibitions available online by having some sort of subscription method? That could widen the number of people looking at the Louvre from outside France and provide a revenue stream as well. Will exhibitions be tailored more to an online audience?

Of course it wasn’t just the Louvre that re-opened yesterday. Museums across France re-opened and all will be hoping that the visitors return.

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