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Exasperation, anger, bewilderment, annoyance and incredulity are just some of the advjectives that either went through the minds of people concerned with Putuguese tourism and travel operations.

A panoramic view over Funchal, the capital of Madeira

Unless you have missed it, Portugal was not on the list of countries that the British government issued as being ones Britons could visit without having to quarantine on return to the UK.

But why Portugal?

It seems it was because there is a rising number of cases in the capital, Lisbon. But this spike hasn’t affected the Algarve, the most popular destination for Britons or even the islands of Madeira or the Azores.

And then with a change of heart, on July 4th, the UK government said it was permissable to travel to madeira and the Azores, thus altering the list it issued just 24 hoyrs earlier

According to Turismo de Portugal, Madeira hasn’t recorded a single death since the beginning of the pandemic and has not seen an active case reported since 21st June. The Azores Islands represents just 0.4% of Portuguese cases since the beginning of the pandemic and has only three cases in total.

Does that justify the UK’s decision?

Spain has recorded a spike in cases in Catalonia. Introducing a lockdown affecting at least a quarter-of-a-million people doesn’t seen to have stopped the UK government from keeping quarantine in place from those returning from Spain.

In the FCO list of travel advisories, there is often advice not to travel to parts of certain countries. It ow looks as though the FCO advice will alter and affect regions of countries as well as complete countries.

Thue issue of Portugal is just one of many strange decisions that the British government has taken but probably it is the most strikingly odd.

Just about Travel recorded, about six weeks ago, the  launch of the country’s “Clean and Safe” campaign, one of the very first in the world. It has also been awarded the World Travel and Tourism Council’s “Travel Safe” accolade for the efforts the country has undergone to halt and contain coronavirus.

We reported on this campaign on May 18th

Just what does it have to do to get British politicians and medics to say we can holiday there?

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