So much for air bridges

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It looks like introducing air bridges was too much for the British government to achieve. Some commentators have suggested the problems were due to gaining agreement with the Scotyish government, others that bridges might cause diplomatic problems.

Checking with the FCO before you travel is essential

Whatever the real reason it now appears that the government will issue a list of about 75 countries to which we can fly without their being quarantine restrictions this end. But it still might mean there would be quarantine at the flight destination depending on how those countries responded.

For example, at the time of writing, Greece could be on the list of countries to which we can fly from Monday but Greece has imposed a ban on Britons travelling there until July 15th.

The list, when it announced, will have a red, amber and green traffic light system. Only green countries – if you will forgive the expression – will be the ones to which we can fly.

It goes without saying that when the list is announced the Foreign Office advice (which affects all of our travel insurance) will be relaxed at the same time.

And we can only hope that the Scottish and Welsh governments will announce the ending of the five mile stay local rule otherwise getting to airports will be a problem. Although the removal has been flagged for a few weeks, it still hasn’t been confirmed.

But to expect us not to know where we can go and then allow us to fly there from Monday does suggest that not many of us will be jetting off on Monday. It takes a little while to organise things and even longer to check to see what the new rules will be in the destination to which we are going.

All-in-all it’s a bit of muddle.

No wonder the travel industry and us holiday makers don’t know if we are coming or going.

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