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If you believe some media, then Saturday was a boom day in bookings for the travel industry.

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Time to grab a summer holiday abroad? © Dan Sperrin

That doesn’t seem to be quite the whole truth.

If you boughts a holiday online it does seem as though you were part of the rush. If you relied on high street travel agents it wasn’t quite so busy.

But then, the travel industry isn’t going to announce disappointment at the numbers is it? It wants to drum up business so, as far as it was concerned, business was booming! The more enthusiastic it is then it believes the more likely we are to book. And that is pretty much what usually happens.

But these aren’t usual times. Some people still feel nervous about getting close to others although, obviously, not those who were at Bournemouth, Hove, Ogmore-by-Sea or some of the other beaches last week.

The people who seem reluctant so far to book are those with children, those who holiday with grandparents, those who have underlying problems anyway and some of those who are above 70.

Those who booked overseas breaks were gambling that the destinations they chose would be on the list of air bridges that the government will announce in the next few days. By and large those that have booked are going to be right because the government has widely leaked that most of Europe will be open. Portugal is the one country where there is still some doubt but I understand that talks were still happening as late as yesterday on trying to resolve things.

After the weekend rush, tour operators need to see whether this has been a one-day wonder or whether bookings will continue at the same pace. There is a long way to go to make it seem like summer for them

For us holidaymakers it is a different matter. If there is a continued rush will there be any bargains left for the rest of us? Will prices rise as tour operators feel more comfortable that a strong market exists? Only by monitoring our actions as holidaymakers will we all learn how busy this summer will be

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