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It has been an open secret that the fourteen day quarantine rule was going to be dropped pretty soon in the UK.

Time for a trip to Tenerife?
Tenerife – our favourite holiday destination outside the UK. That – and the rest of Spain – will get a green light.

It was also obvious to all but someone who had buried their heads in the sand that the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) would lift its travel advice for travelling to many countries partially due to the pounding that the travel industry was taking. If the UK government didn’t remove it soon then it might find itself dealing with massive unemployment in tourism, aviation and the travel industries..

I am not saying that economics and unemployment fears rather than health are driving the decision but it may have played a part.

The government plans a traffic light system of countries with green being the ones we can immediately visit should we wish and red being those we should avoid.

Those that I would imagine we will be advised against visiting will be countries like Russia, the USA, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Brazil and possibly the rest of South America where it looks like the peak of the infection has yet to be seen. Parts of Africa may appear on the list.

Widely trialled is the fact that as many as fifty countries may be on the green list will be most of Europe and probably Turkey, Tunisia, Jordan and Morocco.

A European country we hear little about is Belgium where the deaths per 100,000 of population is 85.19, almost twenty people higher per 100,000 than it is in the UK, fifty people more then Ireland and the highest in the world bar San Marino. Should those two countries appear on the red list even though numbers are now dropping or should only countries where infection is still on the rise appear?

Reportedly one of the countries not on the green list is Portugal, the reason being the rise in cases there. But most cases are in Lisbon rather than the Algarve which is where the majority of Britons go.

Why must a whole country be allotted to one of the three traffic light signs? Couldn’t the Algarve appear as green but Lisbon as red? The same idea might allow us to visit New York where case numbers are dropping rather than the southern states which might be yet to peak in the second wave.

Perhaps this explains why hammering a deal is taking so long. It isn’t an easy decision to make and any sudden spikes may cause a re-think and an FCO travel advice not to go there?

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