Will there be a boom?

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It has almost been a week since the UK government announced that travel restrictions in England would be lifted from the 4th of July.

This Sykes’ rental cottage in Nairn will probably have a busy summer

Since then England’s campsites, caravan parks, holiday cottages and narrow boats have had a leap in business. Some of them might even be getting to the stage of being happy if not downright ecstatic at the way business has picked up.

Owners tell stories of phones being rung of their hook, websites unable to cope with the volume of interest.

In Scotland and Wales the enthusiasm is not quite so noticeable. In Wales, similar types of accommodation can take bookings as from the

Question were even asked of the Welsh government about why Welsh providers had lost a week’s trading through not being able to re-open at the same time as accommodation providers in England.

One provider of three holiday homes in Wales told Just about Travel that she had faced cancellations in the last few months and no new bookings. This week she is full for the summer.

Stories like that will encourage more and more people to book summer holidays in the UK.

Cornwall, Devon, East Anglia, the Lake District, the Yorkshire Moors, seaside resorts and cottages in national parks all seem to be doing well judged from anecdotal stories. Outside England in other home nations a similar pattern of bookings in rural walking areas and places close to beaches seems to be the story

For holidaymakers, it probably means that there will probably be few last-minute bargains in the UK and probably little discounting now that the rush is under way.

But there remains the prospect of an overseas holiday somewhere in Europe. It looks like which countries will appear in the agreed air bridges scheme will be announced early next week. In some of the less popular countries there might be bargains and, if you are brave enough to book now for the Autumn, there are good deals to be had.

Unless the Bournemouth guinea pigs cause a second wave and the EU withdraws its air bridges agreement, there will be a summer holiday season after all.

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