Independence day approaches

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Yesterday, the UK government announced that tourism in England would re-open from July 4th.

Glamping sites are one of those that can open in England from July 4th

That is American Independence Day – a big holiday in the United States – but this year independence day could be celebrated in England. It’s the day when we can start enjoying tourism again.

Confusing as it is for readers outside the UK, the measures announced yesterday only apply to England and not the rest of the UK.

Unlike those of us in the devolved nations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, those living in England will be able to visit and stay in hotels, holiday apartments, campsites and caravan parks provided that they are in England. Travelling to the other home nations and outside the UK is still not allowed.

But don’t think that in England tourism life will be almost as it was before the outbreak. Any facilities that are shared in hotels and the other places mentioned must be properly cleaned and sanitised and each will have had to undergone a new risk assessment on how the owners and managers are keeping guests safe. It is understood that inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive will make spot inspections although, truth be said, there aren’t that many places they could visit in one day. For us paying guests, we would probably want a greater degree of comfort that we are being protected wherever possible.

But it does remain the responsibility of accommodation providers to maintain safety restrictions and that includes the two metre rule wherever possible. The decision to drop to one metre surprised no-one but the prime minister and his flanking two health advisors were at pains to say that is you can maintain a two metre distance wherever possible, so much the better.

In addition, cinemas, museums, galleries, funfairs, theme parks, adventure parks, amusement arcades, skating rinks model villages and just about any other sort of attraction can re0open provided the organisation is practising along the guidelines.

But unlike other countries around the world there is no certification system that all has been checked. Yet.

There are still facilities that the tourism industry provides such as spas and water parks, leisure centres and indoor sports facilities that won’t re-open on July 4th

As the other three devolved nations have yet to announce similar changes I can see some people living in the Scottish and Welsh borders hopping over into England to enjoy their newly opened facilities because they are becoming fidgety about the lockdown just as people in England are.

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