It isn’t a win-win

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Most media outlets and “those in the no” that I have gossiped with since sure that the prime minister will announce a number of significant changes to the UK lockdown today.

Gatwick – will have on arrival back in the UK shouldn’ any coronavirs testing be an NHS function?

As it affects tourism and travel, the two metre distancing rule will be cut, museums will be able to-re-open and the fourteen day quarantine period that was imposed a few weeks ago will go.

But bear in mind that although the prime minister represents the UK, in these cases he is largely speaking just for England. If, for example, the quarantine period goes, it doesn’t help Scots, elsh and Northern Irish if there are still limits on travel imposed by the devolved governments.

Nonetheless, the removal of the quarantine period will hopefully remove one of the grubbiest episodes that was announced last week.

Then it was said that companies wanted to trail a coronavirus testing programme at airports so that incoming travellers could forego the quarantine period. But people were going to have to pay £140 for the privilege.

Testing should be the role of governments and health departments.

Other destinations such as the Canaries don’t charge. But there is always some organisation that tries to make a buck out of adversity and here were a couple trying to do just that.

In fairness though, we don’t know that airports would have agreed to the proposal and we don’t know the attitude of health ministries. They, you would hope, would want tests done on anyone showing signs so they could be immediately quarantined. We have already seen the problems when testing takes place and yet people are allowed to return home or travel whilst test results are awaited It can cause a spread quickly and undo some of the good resulting from lockdowns.

So I hope the pundits are right and that the quarantine is lifted apart from those that do show signs. Swissport called the testing plan a “win-win.” It would have been right. It would have been two wins, a win for this company and a win by Collinson.

Maybe after today’s announcement it will be a lose-lose for the two companies.

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