Yes Virginia, there is a summer tourist season!

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I know, the headline is a bit hackneyed and is a misquote form the famous editorial in the Sun newspaper of New York in 1897 but the news yesterday is similarly uplifting. At least for the travel industry.

North wales landscape
Snowdonia will start to see tourists again…

The news from the Welsh government that some tourism can start from 6th July and a bit more from the 13th of July will be a significant tonic for the tourism industry. And for those of us who have been wondering if we would have any sort of holiday this year.

This generally only applies to Wales and not to England, Northern Ireland, the Republic or Scotland but no doubt there will be announcements soon.

I’m betting that all of our countries will be open for staycations of some sort from July onwards unless there is a second wave.

Considering Wales only, from the 13th of July those staycation sites that can open are static and caravan parks where each building or vehicle has its own toilets, kitchens and washing facilities. In addition cottages, villas, Airbnb type lets and single family buildings can also open. That includes hotels that have been converted to provide self-catering facilities and those that offer en-suite accommodation and which can also provide room service meals but not those where you just take a room and have to visit restaurant facilities within the building.

…as might thestatic homes at Kidwelly that overlook the sea…

The rules seem to be that accommodation can open in Wales provided it is self-contained.

It also means that you can stay overnight.

What aren’t included are campsites where visitors have to use shared toilet and washing facilities and hostels. At the moment the advice is to stay local in Wales with a guideline distance of five miles. This will be lifted – all things being well – as from the 6th July. From that point, visitors from distances further than five miles will be welcome and that includes people coming from England.

Come the 13th of July many attractions can open for business particularly those that are predominantly outdoors. Castles and other heritage sites could open as well as zoos, gardens, parks and other places where social distancing and precautionary measures can be taken.

However no pubs, restaurants and cafes can open yet. So when you visit the attractions around us take sandwiches, a picnic or go to a bakers or takeaway if you want food.

…and other outdoor sites like the Henrhyd Falls

In announcing the measures, the first minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, was clear about one thing; that public toilets should re-open.

The closure of public toilets is one of the things that most irritates tourists and visitors so deliberately mentioning them will give comfort (excuse the pun) to some visitors who might otherwise have decided not to visit.

If this has been announced in Wales then surely our other nations cannot be far behind.

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