Better passenger safety?

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Manchester Airport as is testing a pre-booked time slot system for passengers to go through security is in place. People who use the service will go through a separate lane from those who haven’t booked.

Manchester Airport where new security lines will make us feel safer?

The theory – according to the airport – is to manage the number of passengers going through security and “to ensure passengers feel safer.”

Passengers must pre-book a 15-minute slot by going online. The availability of slots is limited and will be operated on a first come first served basis. It is suggested that you make a booking around two hours before flight departure time and you are asked to arrive within the chosen slot. If you don’t, you’ll have to join the normal security line. Given the two metre rule for social distancing, the line will appear longer but given that there may not be a rush to book flights initially, this may not be too long. 

But why should this line make you feel safer? Because you can get through faster?

Surely management of passengers means that you just open another line? At Gatwick they even used to feed departing passengers upstairs and though a separate security gate to speed things up. This new trial seems to be what the airport should be doing anyway in feeding passengers efficiently and quickly towards their flights. To claim it is for the safety of the passenger seems a bit rich. It is just better queue management.

If the trial works at Manchester then the owners will implement it at Stansted and East Midlands as well.

The advantage to passengers is that is free whereas the airport still has its fast track system which achieves the same thing a bit more but costs a fiver when you fly in and £6 when you fly out.

Whilst the service is free at the moment might this become an airport money-maker too?

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